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Experience the nostalgic Volendam & Marken with our fleet!

Departure times

We sail every day!
Volendam Marken
09:45 10:30
10:30 11:15
11:15 12:00
12:00 12:45
12:45 13:30
13:30 14:15
14:15 15:00
15:00 15:45
15:45 16:30
16:30 17:15
17:15 18:00
18:00 18:45
18:30 19:00

Sail into history

On the edge of the former inland Zuiderzee, the Volendam Marken Express takes you back in time in any season, whether you visit us in the spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Put on traditional Volendam attire for the famous photo, see for yourself how cheese and wooden shoes are made, or visit the authentic houses you can find on Marken. Discover the old ways of the rural life or enjoy the beautiful and lovely life at the waterfront at the restaurants with family or friends.

The Volendam Marken Express has been sailing for almost 100 years. 

Enjoy the crossing

Volendam Marken Express sails with unique, authentic boats. The comfortable heated boats are equipped with a toilet, bar and sound system. The panorama deck offers an impressive view over the water!

If you are making the crossing between Marken and Volendam, you will probably enjoy the ride on the flagship Ms Jan Smit or the Ms IJsselmeer. Are you hiring a boat from Volendam Marken Express? In that case you will sail on the classic Ms. VD1. Check out our fleet here.

No trip between the old harbours of the Gouwzee (Volendam, Marken & Monnickendam) is the same with the Volendam Marken Express.

Lunch and diner

Get the best bites in town at local favorites De Lunch in Volendam and Taverne de Visscher in Marken.

Photo in traditional attire

Join the tradition of having your picture taken in traditional Volendam attire at Fotograaf Volendam.

Wooden Shoe Factory

Learn how clogs are made and why Dutch people love them so much. Feel how comfortable they really are!

See Old Holland logo

Windmills Tour

Discover Old Holland with a guided tour.

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