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Sail into history

On the edge of the former inland Zuiderzee, the Volendam Marken Express takes you back in time in any season, whether you visit us in the spring, summer, fall, or winter.

Put on traditional Volendam attire for the famous photo, see for yourself how cheese and wooden shoes are made, or visit the authentic houses you can find on Marken. Discover the old ways of the rural life or enjoy the beautiful and lovely life at the waterfront at the restaurants with family or friends.

The Volendam Marken Express has been sailing for almost 100 years. Are you visiting Volendam and Marken with a large group? Read about the possibilities.

A full care free day out?

The boat trip from Volendam to Marken is not just a crossing for us, it is an experience! On the website of Volendam Marken Express, you will find several packages which we have created for you, so you can make your day out to Volendam and Marken even more complete!

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Welcome in photogenic Volendam

Volendam is renowned for its residents: Dutchmen who live differently from the average Dutchmen.

Volendam has a tight community of hard workers. It has a rich history and hospitality is highly valued. We like to welcome you in the world famous, most delightful village of the Netherlands.

A Volendam resident once said: “There are 16 million Dutchmen and 22,000 Volendam residents.” A watertight reasoning.

Our fleet

Rent a retro e-bike.

An active day out with your partner, friends, or family around Volendam.

Photo in outfit

Active day out with your partner, friends or family around Volendam!

Lunch en Diner

Active day out with your partner, friends or family around Volendam


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