Stroopwafel Demonstration

Learn and taste the most famous dutch cookie: the Stroopwafel! Inside Woltjes Backerij it is like you step back in time. While you indulge on syrup goodness, learn about Volendam culture with the story of the owner of the bakery.

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    Discover the delicious history of the Volendam waffle

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    See how syrup waffles are made

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    Taste the different flavours

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  • Wheelchair accessible

The story of Woltje's Backery begins on 11 October 1799. It is an extraordinary story about this bakery that stands on what used to be called the "Jodenlandje" (Jews' land). Woltje's story tells that she became acquainted with the Dutch syrup waffle in Gouda and decided that she would bake it here too. This is how the Volendam treacle-waffle was born, which is really different from all other treacle-waffles. So if you are in Volendam, of course you have to taste it yourself!

The tasting is highly recommended. You can also join the demonstration at Woltje's Backerij to see how a syrup waffle is made. In this special bakery, you will also find many other types of waffles, for example with chocolate and covered with large pieces of caramel. All of them unique treats! And if you ask nicely, you might even be able to take a look inside the old bakery.

Droste Museum

On the first floor, explore the cosy Droste museum. Old Dutch, mainly: old Volendam, taverns have been recreated in miniature. Stroll around the various rooms and feel the authentic atmosphere!