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Day 1

Do you opt for day 1? Then you sail with the Volendam Marken Express, take your picture in traditional costume and dive fully into the world of the Stroopwafel at Woltje's Backerij.

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  • Boot

    Sail with the Volendam Marken Express

  • Waffle

    Syrup waffle demonstration at Woltje's Backery

  • Kostuum

    Photoshoot in traditional Volendam attire

  • Fiets
    Cycling maps and hiking tours
  • Ticket
    Marken viewing house
  • Kaas 1

    Visit the Cheese Factory Volendam

  • Ticket information

    • You will receive your confirmation directly in your mailbox
    • Redeem the tickets at the ticket booth in Volendam (Haven 39) or Marken (Havenbuurt 19) with your confirmation email
    • All prices quoted include VAT
    • Tickets cannot be cancelled

  • Sailing and opening hours

    • The Marken Express sails every day
    • The boat departs every 45 minutes
    • view current departure times here
  • Children

    • Kids up to 3 years old sail for free
    • For kids aged 4 to 11 there is a special child rate

Sailing with the Marken Express

During the 30-minute crossing, you will get lots of information about the differences and the fishing villages themselves. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the impressive views over the Gouwzee, IJsselmeer, old fishing boats and authentic harbours.

Have your picture taken in traditional Volendam costume

The traditional Volendam costume is world-famous; you too can experience what it is like to wear this beautiful costume. At Fotograaf Volendam, you can have your photo taken in traditional costume since 1913. With this photo, you will have a great memory of your visit to this unique fishing village.

Dive into the world of Stroopwafels

Take a look at Woltje's bakery. Learn about this bakery and the old traditions in the small museum, where you can taste the atmosphere of the life of the Volendam Woltje. During the demonstration, you will learn how syrup waffles are made. And it doesn't stop at watching... After the demonstration, enjoy the waffles during the delicious tasting!