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Sights in Volendam and Marken

Are you going for a day trip to Volendam, Marken or Monnickendam soon?

The famous fishing village with the world famous harbour and dike and the picturesque peninsula Marken are more than worth a visit! But did you know that there is so much more to see in these old Dutch villages? How about a visit to the authentic Marken house near the harbour of Marken or walk around in the ‘maze’ of Volendam.

Shipping company Volendam Marken Express has selected a number of nice attractions in Volendam, Marken and nearby Monnickendam. On this page you will find our tips, must see & do’s! Because besides our daily boat trip between Volendam and Marken there is much more to experience and see.

We wish you a nice day!