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Antique steam-powered clog factory

Learn all about the famous Dutch clogs and see how shoemakers create shoes from wood!

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    Join the clog makers demonstration

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    Learn all about the traditional clogs

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    Immerse yourself in Dutch culture

  • Tickets

    Redeem tickets at the box office
    Address: Harbour 39 1131, EP Volendam
    or Havenbuurt 19, 1156 AL Marken

  • Opening hours

    Open daily from 10:30 to 18:00

  • Languages

    Demonstration in English and Dutch

On Marken, you can visit the only steam-powered clog factory in the world, where clogs are still made according to a more than 100-year[1]old tradition. At the Wooden Shoe Steam Factory, you can see how a local clog maker easily transforms a block of wood into a wooden shoe within minutes. To make the wooden shoes, old machines from 1906 are used which are powered by an antique steam engine from 1913. Wooden shoes are still made for everyday use elsewhere in the Netherlands, but this clog factory shows how things used to be done. The clog factory is therefore completely in style with how things were at the beginning of the 20th century.

Formerly worn primarily by workers and farmers, wooden shoes protected the wearer's feet during the long hours of work. Now it is the perfect shoe for the garden and around the house. For many around the world the wooden shoe is almost synonymous with the Dutch, making it one of the most iconic souvenirs of our country. Of course you can try on wooden shoes in your own size at our shop and buy your own wooden shoes.