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Traditional Volendam attire photoshoot

Have you been to Volendam if you didn't take a picutre in the traditional Volendam attire? Dress up and get photo ready. This essential part of your visit to Volendam will be one a fun memory with amazing photo's to never forget your experience.

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    The famous souvenir of your visit to the village

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    Dress up like a Volendammer and play around with props and poses

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    Receive a printed photo and the digital files

  • Ticket information

    Tickets cannot be cancelled

    Redeem tickets at the box office
    Address: Haven 39 1131, EP Volendam
    or Havenbuurt 19, 1156 AL Marken

    Ticket prices are per person, please choose the number of people in your group under guests.

    • Shoot for 1 person: €15 per person
    • Shoot for 2 to 4 people: €12.50 per person
    • Shoot for 5+ persons: €8.50 per person

    Accessible by wheelchair

  • Opening hours

    Open daily from 10:00 - 17:00

Fotograaf Volendam has been taking the best photos of anyone who wants to feel like a Volendammer since the early 20th century. Put on the traditional Volendam costume and pose! We assure you it will look good. The photo shoot is an experience in itself. With the printed photo you get as an everlasting memory. The digital photos are sent to your e-mail, perfect for your social media!

The world-famous traditional costume
The traditional Volendam costume is world-famous, as many painters captured the former Volendammers in full costume on canvas. And you too can experience what it is like to wear this beautiful costume. The most characteristic of the traditional costume is the Volendam Hul, the lace cap you put on your head. At Fotograaf Volendam, you can have your photo taken in full Volendam costume since 1900. With this photo, you will have a great memory of your visit to this unique fishing village.

Choose one of the authentic studios. Will it be a cosy shoot in the living room or kitchen? Or in a boat, with Volendam's cosy harbour in the background? Besides the costumes, you can choose from various props. For example, pose with a bunch of tulips or show your musical side with an accordion in your hands. Plenty of options!