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Do you need more information or do you have any questions about your visit to the Volendam Marken Express? We are happy to help you!

Read or FAQs below, or don’t hesitate to call us via: + 31 (0) 299 363331 or send an e-mail: [email protected]

Do you offer packages?

Yes, we do! We offer various packages, great for young and old! For example, complete family day trips or activities to do with friends. Take a look at our complete range of packages.

Our packages consist of different products, such as a crossing to Marken and traditional photo in traditional attire. You can determine the planning of your day trip and the sailing departure times by yourself. Always check the actual sailing times before departure.

How long does the boat trip from Volendam to Marken take?

The boat trip from Volendam to Marken takes about 30 minutes.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, man’s best friend is welcome on board when leashed. Of course, we have little appetite for biting dogs. Keep the dog leashed.

Can I bring a wheelchair on board?

The Ms. Jan Smit is fully ground floor and suitable for wheelchair users. The other ships have a wheelchair lift and have limited wheelchair access. If it involves a group with several wheelchairs, please contact us before the visit.

Are bikes of (motor)scooter allowed on board?

It is possible to bring bikes, mopeds, or (motor)scooters on board for a small fee on all our ships for the passage. Booking is not necessary. If your group has more bikes, please inform us beforehand.

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Is parking close?

In both Volendam and Marken, parking is close to the boarding locations of our ships. It is a nice walk of about 5 minutes.

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Where can I park a bus?

The parking facilities in both Volendam and Marken are close to the boarding points of our ships. It’s is a nice walk of about 5 minutes walking from our parking lot to our ships.

On the parking lot ‘Marinapark’ in Volendam is room for 6 buses. Buses can also park at the large parking lot at ‘Parallelweg’ behind ‘Noordeinde’ in Volendam.

How long is my boat ticked valid?

Tickets are valid for a year from the day of purchase, also in combination with any extra orders.

I will be arriving on a different day than my booking.

Tickets are valid for a year after the day of purchase, also in combination with any extra orders. In case you decide to come on a different day, you can still use your tickets.

I did not receive a bar code?

Immediately following your online order, you will receive a confirmation mail of the booked activities. In this mail, you will also find the accompanying tickets and bar codes. We request you to print this mail with tickets and take it with you, or take these with you on your telephone. The products you have ordered without barcode, you can, upon showing the order, collect the physical tickets at our register on the quay in Volendam (Haven 39) or Marken (Havenbuurt 22). In case you did not receive a mail, first check you spam box. If you cannot find it here, report to the register of the Volendam Marken Express.

I did not receive confirmation of my online order?

If the confirmation of your online order is not in your inbox, first check you spam box. If it is not there, contact us or visit the register of the Volendam Marken Express.

Do we have to choose a departure time?

The departure times can be found on the site. You can choose any departure time you like.

Certain packages have fixed boarding times, which are mentioned at the description of the package.

Pay attention to the times of our last departure! These differ in the summer and winter period. Always check the current departure times before your visit.

Can I walk to the lighthouse of Marken?

The lighthouse “Het Paard van Marken” can be reached per bike (about 10 min) or by foot (about 25 minutes). The minimum age for viewing is 12 years. Dogs are not allowed.

Do local citizens get discount?

Yes, local citizens of Volendam/Edam or from the Waterland region get discount.

You enjoy the following benefits:

  • 50% discount on single and return tickets Volendam Marken Express; 
  • 20% discount on consumptions and merchandise on board.

Prices Regular Travelers program:

  • € 6,75 retour per person
  • € 4,38 single ride per person

Registration fees

For registration, we charge a one-time amount of € 15,00. You will receive a personal travel pass and two return tickets for the Volendam Marken Express. Find more information about our Regular Travelers programma.

We like to welcome you on board as regular traveler!

Where is the departure location?

The ferry towards Marken departs from the harbour in Volendam. Address: Haven 39, 1131 EP – Volendam.

The ferry towards Volendam departs from the harbour Marken. Havenbuurt 19, 1156 AL – Marken.

Is there a toilet on board?

Yes, all our boats have a toilet on board.

Is the regular traveller's pass personal?

The travel pass of our regular travel program is personal and non-transferable to others. However, it is permitted for your partner and children to travel with you on your pass. They will then enjoy the same benefits.

Am I allowed to choose my own schedule for the day?

Yes! You are free to choose the sailing times of your departure and return-journey and the schedule of your day.

Because of the potential crowds, we would like to make a suggestion for the program of day trip in Volendam and Marken. For example, start your day with a photo in Volendam costume at the Fotograaf Volendam on the dike. Fotograaf Volendam is located across from the sailing location of our boats. Then make the crossing to Marken, this takes about 30 minutes. Visit the various places of interest in Marken. Got a craving? Take a break with a tasty lunch or snack at restaurant Taverne de Visscher, the oldest tavern in Marken. Then walk around Marken and take the boat back to Volendam. To make your day out even more complete, you can visit the waffle demonstration at Woltjes Backerij and enjoy a delicious waffle. You can also visit the fun attraction ‘Experience Volendam‘ (duration: 30 minutes).

Did you know that we have created several special priced packages? All packages include return boat ticket. Take a look at our packages page.

Regular travelers program

Are you a resident of Volendam/Edan or from the Waterland region, and do you regularly travel with our boat for work, school, or perhaps groceries? Of course, we keep you in mind. Use our “Regular Travelers” program and fill out the registration form below. Please send along a pass photo. If you do not have one at hand, or if you rather not want to send it along digitally, please report to our cash register to register.

You enjoy the following benefits:

  • 50% discount on single and return tickets Volendam Marken Express;
  • 20% discount on consumptions and merchandise on board.

Prices Regular Travlers program:

  • € 6,75 retour per person
  • € 4,38 single ride per person

Registration fees

For registration, we charge a one-time amount of € 15,00. You will receive a personal travel pass and two return tickets for the Volendam Marken Express. The travel pass is personal and not transferrable to third parties. Partners and children are able to join on the pass.

We like to welcome you on board as regular traveler!

Registration form regular travelers

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

Bring bikes or (motor)scooter

Let op! U dient uw eigen fiets te verzorgen!

Bring your own bike or (motor)scooter

It is possible to bring bikes, mopeds, or (motor)scooters on the passage on all our ships. This is bound to capacity: each ship can take a different number of bikes. It could be you have to wait for the next ship when it is busy. Do you want to be assured of passage of your bike, moped (motor)scooter? Book your tickets up front.

Rent bike or scooter

Our selected partner has unique partner has unique electric bikes, scooters, and much more. Have an unforgettable day and rent a bike or scooter VOLENDAMRENTENEVENT.NL

Public transport to Volendam

Take the bus of E.B.S to Volendam at the rear side of the Amsterdam Central Central Station. Every 15 minutes, a bus to Volendam will depart. You can buy a ticket in the bus or use your OV-chip card.

More information and departure times check this website.

Route to Volendam

Drive in direction Amsterdam on the A1 (Hilversum/Amersfoort), A2 (Utrecht) of A4 (Schiphol/Den Haag). Take the ring road by keeping to direction Zaandam/Zaanstad. Keep on the ring road and the ring road exit Volendam. From there it is 15 kilometers to Volendam.

Are you coming from the city center of Amsterdam? Take the IJtunnel which leads straight to Volendam. There is a Van der Valk Hotel near the last exit direction to Volendam. From this point, it is two kilometers before you enter Volendam via a small roundabout (turn right). Take the main road (Julianaweg) until you see the VVV office, and you will arrive in the center of Volendam.

Public transportation to Marken

Take the bus of E.B.S to Marken at the rear side of the Amsterdam Central Station. Every half hour, a bus to Marken will depart. You can buy a ticket in the bus or use your OV-chip card.

More information and departure times check this website.

Route to Marken

Drive in direction Amsterdam on the A1 (Hilversum/Amersfoort), A2 (Utrecht) of A4 (Schiphol/Den Haag). Take the ring road by keeping to direction Zaandam/Zaanstad. Keep on the ring road and the ring road exit Volendam. From there it is 10 kilometers to exit Monnickendam. Take this exit and drive straight on until you exit Monnickendam again. Follow the levee for 10 kilometers until you arrive on Marken.

Parking on Marken

Visitors to Marken can only park in one way. As soon as you enter Marken, you will find a large car park on your left.

Address: Kruisbaakweg 1, Marken

As a visitor you have to park on this parking lot, it is not possible to drive any further. A tourist tax will be charged per vehicle and the number of visitors.

Since January 2019 it is no longer allowed to park along the road (N518).

Parking car

Parking a car in the large car park in Marken amounts to € 3.00 per hour (per 10 minutes payment is possible), with a maximum of € 9.00 per day*.

Coach parking

Parking a coach in the large car park in Marken amounts to € 15.00 per day*.

Annual ticket parking

If you visit Marken several times a year, an annual ticket is cheaper! You park all year round in the general car park with the same license plate at a cheaper rate. See more information about the annual ticket.

Parking in Volendam

A visit to Rederij Volendam Marken Express can also begin by car. In Volendam there are several opportunities to park the car. We have listed a number of parking tips in Volendam.

Important to know is that Volendam has no paid parking on the street. However, Volendam does have blue zones where you can park with a blue parking disc for a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Paid parking in Volendam

You have to pay on the grounds of Havenhof and Hotel Spaander.

Parking garage in Volendam

In the parking garages it is best to park when you want to park for a longer period of time. There is a paid parking fee in these car parks.

Parking garage Havenhof

This car park is located under the shopping centre of the same name on the Zeestraat.

  • Address: Zeestraat 21, 1131 ZD Volendam
  • Rate*: € 2.50 per hour, maximum daily rate € 12.50
  • Opening hours*: 08.00-20.00 hours
  • Driving out after closing time is not possible!

Parking garage Center Volendam

This car park is located underneath the Julianaweg-Kielstraat housing complex.

Entrance is in the Boegstraat, 50 meters from the intersection with the Kielstraat.

  • Address: Boegstraat 2a, 1131 EC Volendam
  • Rate*: € 1,00 per hour, maximum daily rate € 9,00
  • Opening Hours*: 07.00-22.00 (Saturday and Sunday until 23.00)
  • Exit is possible 24 hours a day

Free parking in Volendam

  • Amvo parking lot. Address: Zeestraat 37, Volendam
  • Parking lot Art Historical Center. Address: Parallel road behind Het Noordeinde 68
  • Harbour car park. Address: Slobbeland 2 Volendam
  • Marinapark parking lot. Address: Pieterman 10 Volendam. When you enter Volendam via the N517 follow after the first roundabout right/right through the Julianaweg. After about 300 meters you will find the driveway to the Marinapark on your right where you can park for 1.5 hours on a parking lot with a parking disc and further on the park unlimited (free parking).

*Rates and opening hours may change. Volendam Marken Express is not responsible and accepts no liability for incorrect information provided.

Traffic regulation in Volendam

From 11.00 am to 23.00 pm, you can leave the levee from Art Hotel Spaander at the whole hour and half hour for ten minutes, and at a quarter to and a quarter past the hour you can enter the levee from the Noordeinde. Pay attention to the electronic pole, which allows only one vehicle to pass at a time and comes back up after each vehicle. From 19.00 pm you can leave freely from Art Hotel Spaander, but for entering from the Noordeinde, the traffic regulation applies to 23.00 pm. Between 23.00 pm and 11.00 am, traffic is possible without any restriction.

Parking lot Zuideinde Volendam

P-Zuideinde parking lot, follow P-route centrum and straight on to the P-Parellelweg (zip code 1131 DM), down the Dijk (free parking). This is a very large, free parking lot and suitable for busses and touring cars.

Must See & Do Volendam

Volendam was founded in the fourteenth century. It became a beloved spot for fishermen and farmers to settle. Today, the harbor and the levee of Volendam are still tourist attractions. On the one hand you see the fishing boats which still generate the main share of the income, and on the other hand there are the traditional wooden buildings and houses.

1. Get lost and discover artistic Volendam

Do you really want to get to know Volendam? Get lost in its alleyways. Discover old districts, streets, and authentic houses. Imagine yourself in the typical old fishing villages characteristic of the former Zuiderzee and the present day IJselmeer. Let yourself be inspired to beauty, like the painters who have been coming there since 1880. Many painters discovered Volendam as a source of inspiration for their works. Leedert Spaander befriended these painters, and in his house he created a place to work. Later, they opened a hotel as a meeting place for artists from all over the world. In Art Hotel Spaander, an exchange of ideas took place, of which the paintings hanging there still bear witness. Visit this unique hotel and be inspired!

2. Take a photo in traditional attire

A photo in traditional attire is as characteristic as the village and is an absolute must when visiting Volendam. Visit Fotograaf Volendam to take the photo! You can also make a quick Volendam-photo, or a karaoke video with you singing the greatest hits of Volendam. Enjoy! And you will be going home with the best memento.

3. Experience Visit the Volendam Museum and/or Volendam

Learn about the history and folklore of Volendam in the Volendams Museum. In this museum you can enjoy the lifelike and authentic displays of the daily life in earlier times. View authentic film material, or marvel about the many works of art made of Volendam by visiting artists. A real piece of Dutch authenticity can be found here.

In the Volendam Experience you experience the illustrious history of Volendam in the most modern way. Enjoy holographic shows, or defy the Zuiderzee in 1916 with the Oculus Rift, the way to experience the real authentic Volendam.

4. Learn how the Volendam ‘Palingsound’ came to be

In the Palingsound museum. 100 years of music development has been captured in images here. The musical nature of Volendam has generated many hits. Discover how Volendam got its unique sound, and how they have managed to score so many hits!

5. Eat fish or a waffle on the Dijk

When visiting the most famous fishing village of the Netherlands, eating a fish on the Dijk is a must. Enjoy the freshly caught fish while looking out of the Markermeer. It hardly gets any better.

If fish is not your thing, but you still want to eat something good on the Dijk? Visit Woltjes Bakery. Besides watching a demonstration in waffle baking, you can taste a range of ‘stroopwafels’.

6. Make the passage to Marken on the Volendam Marken Express

From the very pleasant and hospitable Volendam to authentic Marken; that is really worth a passage. Enjoy the Gouwzee and the view of both villages. Imagine yourself in traditional Marken and visit the lighthouse, or enjoy a lovely lunch/dinner. Want to know what more you can do in Marken? We have listed the Must See and Must Do for you.

7. Visit the beer brewery and the Cheese Factory

Learn everything about Volendam bier in the Bierbrouwerij. Enjoy the beer tasting during the tour, and make sure you are still steady on your feet when you leave the brewery! For a slice of cheese to go with your drink, you can visit the Cheese Factory. This interactive attraction teaches everything about the making of cheese. An experience you do not want to miss.

8. Enjoy the atmosphere in the harbor

The harbor of Volendam is one of the best known in the Netherlands. Not without reason, numerous paintings have been made of the village. Enjoy the beautiful vistas and visit the harbor of Volendam.

In short, there is plenty to discover in Volendam. Come and enjoy all the beauty and wonder the old harbor has to offer and book an arrangement with Volendam Marken Express.

 Must See and Do at Marken

The beautiful former island of Marken (also called ‘Mereke’ by its inhabitants) is surrounded by the Gouwzee and the Markermeer. The first inhabitants of Marken were monks from Friesland. And it is unique that many of the island traditions have survived. Upon arrival you are welcomed by the wooden green houses along the harbor. The houses have been built in clusters on artificial hills for protection against the rising water of the Zuiderzee back then.

Visiting Marken? Here are five tips for must see and must dos on the peninsula!

1. Discover the authentic Marken and the authentic Taverne

Discover the authentic houses and century old culture Marken has to offer. Take a look in one of the traditionally furnished houses. If the stroll through Marken raised your appetite, you can visit Taverne de Visscher for lunch, drinks, or dinner. It is the most pleasant and also oldest Taverne on Marken. Enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor of the scenic Marken and look out over the Markermeer. Did you know you can find a unique collection of ship models here?

2. Visit the Paard van Marken

This lighthouse from the 19th century is located on the eastern point of the peninsula. The lighthouse was originally built around 1700 as a square lighthouse. Did you know that the Paard van Marken was displaced by a few inches by drifting ice in 1971? This happened a year after the lighthouse has been classified as a national monument. Now Thijs and Liliane Spijker live in the lighthouse.

3. Experience the Klompenmuseum

Did you always want to know how authentic wooden shoes are made? Visit the Klompenmuseum. Here you can find wooden shoes in all kinds and sizes. You can also attend a demonstration of wooden shoes being made from a piece of wood right before your eyes.

4. Visit the Marker Museum

In the Marker Museum you can learn everything about the place of Marken in the Dutch history. The Museum was founded in 1983, and shows the life, work, and traditions of the former island with its rich culture. The Marker Museum consists of six joined historical residences in the old center.

5. Kijkhuisje Marken

In the Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes, you can see how a Marker house was furnished in earlier days.

In short, plenty to discover in Marken. Come and enjoy all the beauty and wonder that the old harbor has to offer, and book an arrangement with the Volendam Marken Express.

Must See & Do Monnickendam

The historical harbor village of Monnickendam has had a fishing industry since the Middle Ages. Monnickendam already got its city rights in 1355. He who dares to call the cozy, fairy-tale-like Monnickendam, with its historical houses, canals, and old harbor, accidentally a village, can be sure of a history lesson. During this time, various ship builders and smokehouses were founded, of which some are still operational. When visiting Monnickendam, the following highlights are a must.

1. The Speeltoren of Monnickendam

When visiting Monnickendam, a visit to museum the Speeltoren is a must. Located in the center of the town, near the historical harbor, the Speeltoren houses the oldest still functioning carillon in the world. But there is more to see: learn everything about the history of the old villages, the reconstruction of the Waterland landscape, or discover Monnickdam as it was in earlier times.

2. A stroll in the harbor

Monnickendam is known for its many houses with gables, the nature reserve Hemmeland, and it is the home port of many ships of the Bruine Vloot, traditional sailing ships such as botters and cutters. Make a stroll in the harbor of Monnickendam, and enjoy all the nautical on display.

3. Grote or Sint-Nicolaaskerk

The Grote or Sint-Nicolaaskerk is the most important church of Monnickendam. The church has been a national monument since 1967. In the church, multiple important people from Monnickendam are buried, such as marine officers. Construction of the church already started in 1400. Visit the special Gothic building on the edge of the old center of the town.

5. De Waegh

Waegh is an old Dutch world for weigh house. There already was a Waegh building in Monnickendam in 1382. De Waegh as destroyed by a fire in 1666. The current Waegh dates from 1668, and was raised from the remnants of the old building. De Waegh was the economic center of the city, and had two functions: the Waegh building (inside) and the Beurs (outside under the awning). The building was used for weighing and trading of butter, cheese, and grains. The original scales are a nice detail from those days. The upper hall served as meeting space for the city council, which consisted of four mayors and various council members.

4. Sail on the Gouwzee and Markenmeer

The Volendam Marken Express takes you to and from Monnickendam. Sailing on the Gouwzee is a must when visiting Monnickendam. From the water, you have an amazing view of the authentic still life on the banks of the Gouwzee. Monnickendam completes the triangle with Volendam and Marken. So, if you want to experience a day of real Old Holland? Monnickdam must be included.

About the Zuiderzee

A remarkable story about the fight against the water

It is a piece of water which embodies both the pride and pain of the Netherlands. Until 1932, the Zuiderzee was an inland sea. Fun fact: before that time, we used to talk about Amsterdam aan Zee, Volendam aan Zee, and Marken aan Zee. Large flooding and disasters would ready the Dutch for the biggest battle they ever thought: the battle against the water.

Before 1916:

Amsterdam, Marken, Volendam and Monnickendam are coastal towns on the Zuiderzee, which is about 6,000 square kilometers in surface. On the bank of the Zuiderzee, fishing and trade communities arise. This area is nowadays called the Old Harbors.


Flooding disaster hits the Netherlands. On January 13 and 14, fate strikes. A storm surge raises the water level in the Zuiderzee, while excessive melt water in the main rivers of the Netherlands also ends up in the same Zuiderzee. The result is breaking of the levees in a dozen of places at the Zuiderzee. The death toll is limited, but fear has struck deep.


The Zuiderzee-bill is passed. The results of the Flooding Disaster two years before have readied the Dutch: the sea has to be contained, no matter the consequences for fishermen and seamen.


The Netherlands take on the battle with the water, particularly the turbulent sea. The Afsluitdijk between Den Oever (Noord-Holland) and Zurich (Friesland) is completed. The 32-kilometer sea wall spells the end of the Zuiderzee. The area below the Afsluitdijk is called the IJselmeer. The water is brackish, instead of salty. This has big consequences for the fishing community.


A start is made with the draining and impoldering of the future twelfth province of the Netherlands: Flevoland. Before 1940, almost the entire area consists solely of water.


This year is synonymous for ‘De Watersnoodramp’. A combination of a western storm and spring tide causes a disaster in the south of the Netherlands in the night January 31 to February 1. The Afsluitdijk passes its first major test. In the south of the Netherlands 1836 people die, 100,000 people lost their homes, and 200,000-hectare land is flooded, but in the area of the former Zuiderzee, damage is limited to a minimum.


The construction of the levee to Marken. The island of Marken is turned into a peninsula, connected to the main land by the Zeedijk. Provisioning by ice sailors in winter is no longer necessary. The tight community of Marker becomes more accessible to outsiders.


The Houtribdijk between Enkhuizen and Lelystad is finished. Marken and Volendam are no longer on the IJselmeer, but on the Markermeer. The intention is to gain more land in the Markermeer. Marken will lose its island status, and become part of a larger, depoldered area.


The Netherlands officially get their twelfth province. Flevoland, to the west of Marken, has been entirely “gained“ on the water. An ingenious project of impoldering leads to 1,500 square kilometers of extra land in the Netherlands.


It is officially decided that no more parts of the Markermeer will be drained. Marken will remain a peninsula.


The area around the Gouwzee consists of the authentic villages of Marken, Volendam, and Monnickendam. Fishing is still big in this area, but tourism is also a large source of income. The ferry service of Volendam Marken Express makes a visit to the triangle around the Gouwzee a real experience.

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