Parking Volendam and Marken

Visitors of Marken can park in only one way. Immediately when you enter Marken, you see a large parking lot on your left side. Visitors must park here. A tourist tax is charged per vehicle and the number of visitors.

Parking a car in the large car park of Marken is € 3.00 per hour (payment per 10 minutes is possible), with a maximum of € 9.00 per day.
The bus parking on the large parking lot of Marken is € 15,00 per day.

Since January 2019, it is no longer allowed to park along the road (N518). The exit points along the N518 are not intended for parking.


Parking in Volendam

A visit to the shipping company Volendam Marken Express could also start by car. In Volendam are various places to park your car. The ‘blue parking zones’ applies on many places and can vary from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. There is also a possibility to park the car without time limit, but you do have to walk a bit.


Traffic regulation in Volendam

From 11.00 am to 23.00 pm, you can leave the levee from Art Hotel Spaander at the whole hour and half hour for ten minutes, and at a quarter to and a quarter past the hour you can enter the levee from the Noordeinde. Pay attention to the electronic pole, which allows only one vehicle to pass at a time and comes back up after each vehicle. From 19.00 pm you can leave freely from Art Hotel Spaander, but for entering from the Noordeinde, the traffic regulation applies to 23.00 pm. Between 23.00 pm and 11.00 am, traffic is possible without any restriction.


Parking Marinapark Volendam

Parking lot Marinapark (close to the center, at the beginning of the levee). When you enter Volendam on the N517, you keep to the Julianaweg after the first roundabout. After about 300 meters, you can see the driveway to the Marinapark on your right side. At the beginning of the parking lot you can park for 1.5 hours, and further down the lot without restrictions (free parking).


Parking lot Zuideinde Volendam

P-Zuideinde parking lot, follow P-route centrum and straight on to the P-Parellelweg (zip code 1131 DM), down the Dijk (free parking). This is a very large, free parking lot and suitable for busses and touring cars.


Parking lots Centrum Volendam

Follow the P-signs-Centrum on the Julianaweg. On the Zeestraat, you see two parking lots:

  • P- Amvo (free parking)
  • P- Winkelcentrum Havenhof (paid parking)

In the center of Volendam, a blue parking zone applies. Attention! This varies from half 0.5 hours to 1.5 hours.