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Sights in Volendam

Visit the sights in Volendam

Do you have plans to visit Volendam soon? Volendam Marken Express has listed the five best sights in Volendam.

History of Volendam

The authentic and world famous fishing village of Volendam was founded in the fourteenth century and became a popular place for fishermen and farmers to settle. Today, the dike and adjacent port of Volendam are still tourist attractions to visit. On the one hand you will find the fishing boats that represent a large part of the income, on the other hand you will find the traditional wooden buildings and houses. Volendam is located above Amsterdam (about 20 minutes drive). Throughout the year Volendam is a nice place to visit.

1. Get lost in ‘Het Doolhof’ (The Maze) and the ‘Oude Kom’ (Old Bowl)

By visiting these sights in Volendam, you really get to know the village. Het Doolhof (The Maze) is the oldest part of Volendam’s centre. The Maze is named after the buildings that were not built according to a fixed street pattern. The houses and other buildings appear to be placed randomly. Get lost in the centuries-old streets and narrow lanes. When you look around you see beautiful coloured fisherman’s houses, drawbridges and various churches. Also stroll around in the Oude Kom (Old Bowl) nnear the Dril, along the Havendijkje and Meerzijde.

Art Hotel Spaander

Artists who used to visit Volendam were inspired by The Maze. Partly because of the works of art that were made, Volendam has become known worldwide. Leendert Spaander (1855 – 1955) was a close friend of these painters. In his house he created a place to work. Later he opened a hotel as a meeting place for artists all over the world. This brings us to the following attraction in Volendam: Art Hotel Spaander. In Art Hotel Spaander an exchange of ideas took place between the painters. The paintings, which still remain there today, are proof of this. So, visit this unique hotel and let your creative mind be inspired!

2. Learn how Volendam found its ‘eel sound

Volendam is known for its eel sound (palingsound). The eel sound was introduced by Willem van Kooten (disc jockey Joost den Draaijer). The sound represents classical, typically Dutch style in pop music that has originated from successful Volendam formations. In the word ‘eel sound’, eel refers on the one hand to the important source of income of many Volendammers and on the other hand to the ‘smooth’ music. In the eel sound museum (Palingsoundmuseum)100 years of Volendam music history is illustrated. Discover in the Palingsoundmuseum how the Volendammers got their unique sound and how they managed to get so many hits!

Eel smokehouse Smit Bokkum

The eel sound museum is located in the eel smokehouse Smit Bokkum. In the smokehouse different kinds of fish are being smoked for 150 years; eel is the most famous one. Today you can still see eel smoking with your own eyes. There are also guided tours and of course you can taste some goodies afterwards.

3. The history of Volendam

One of the educational attractions in Volendam is the Volendams Museum. The museum depicts the daily life of the inhabitants of Volendam with real-life scenes and film material. It almost feels like you are back in the end of the 19th century and in the first 50 years of the 20th century. See how the inhabitants of Volendam lived and worked. In addition, Volendam costumes and jewellery are exposed. Furthermore, the Volendam Museum houses the famous cigar band house with mosaics and decorations of 11 million cigar bands.

4. Walk over the world-famous dike

In our list of places of interest the famous Volendam dike should not be missed. For example, walk around the dike and check out the many souvenir shops. Are you tired of all the walking? Strike down at the cozy cafes and terraces. While enjoying a fresh fish or delicious waffle from the view over the Markermeer. Behold the many boats in the harbor and the view of the old fishermen’s cottages. It could hardly be better.

5. The Volendam Fish Auction

The old Fish Auction of Volendam is located in the harbor and consists of a construction floor and an attic. In 1934 the fish auction was built from a commercial point of view. Since the 1990s, the building has not been used as a fish auction. Today, various handmade products are sold in the wooden building.

6. Boat trip to Marken with the Volendam Marken Express

From the very cosy, hospitable Volendam to the authentic Marken; that’s worth a ferry crossing! Step aboard and enjoy the boat trip on the Gouwzee. On board you will learn everything about the fascinating history and culture with our entertaining audio guide. Along the way you will see cute houses, bicycles, tulips and clogs.

Curious about the sights in the former peninsula of Marken? We have also listed the must sees and must do’s of Marken.

In short, Volendam has several nice sights! Come and enjoy all the beauty and special that the old Dutch fishing village has to offer. Volendam Marken Express offers various packages. Discover in 1 day all the beauty that both villages have to offer. All packages include a return boat trip Volendam-Marken.

Would you like to read more (practical) information prior to your visit to Volendam? Take a look at the FAQ page or check the pages on accessibility and parking.

Download a map of Volendam and Marken

Via the link below you can download a map of Volendam and Marken with the nicest places to visit.

Map of Volendam

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