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The best of Volendam en Marken: Day Trip 1

The best day out in Volendam and Marken can be arranged easily and inexpensively with this package! We have collected the most unique activities. Will you choose ‘Day 1’? Then you will experience the following:

Sailing with the Volendam Marken Express

When you visit Volendam or Marken, being on a boat is a must! An extremely pleasant boat trip with the Volendam-Marken Express gives you the opportunity to visit two special places in one day. You will be amazed at how different Volendam and Marken are. Not only the houses are completely different, but also the people and even their religion: Volendam is traditionally Catholic and Marken Protestant.

During the 30-minute crossing, you will receive lots of information about the fishing villages and their differences. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the impressive view over the Gouwzee, the IJsselmeer, the old fishing boats and authentic little harbours.

Choose for a single trip or a return ticket. The boat sails in half an hour from village to village, click here for the departure times.

Have your picture taken in traditional Volendam costume

The traditional Volendam costume is world-famous, as many painters have depicted the former Volendammers in full costume on canvas. And you too can experience what it is like to wear this beautiful traditional costume. Ever since 1913, you can have your picture taken at the Volendam Photographer in full Volendam costume. With this photo you will have a great memory of your visit to this unique fishing village.

See how clogs are made

On Marken, you will visit the only steam-powered clog factory in the world. Here, clogs are still made following a more than 100-year-old tradition. At ‘de Klomp’, you will see how a local clog maker transforms a block of wood into a wooden shoe. To make the wooden shoes, they use old machines from 1906, powered by an antique steam engine from 1913. Other places in the Netherlands still make wooden shoes for everyday use, but this clog factory used the old, traditional method. The clog factory is therefore completely in style with how things were at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the past, clogs were worn mainly by labourers and farmers, the wooden shoes protecting the wearer’s feet during the long working days. Now it is the perfect shoe for the garden and around the house. Abroad the wooden shoe is almost synonymous with the Dutch, making it one of the most iconic souvenirs of our country. Of course you can try on wooden shoes in your own size and buy your own beautiful pair.

The best of Volendam en Marken: Day Trip 1



Choose a one-way, or return trip with the Volendam Marken Express.

The tickets cannot be cancelled.

Day trip 1 always includes:

Sailing with the Volendam Marken Express
klomp  Demonstration Wooden Shoe factory
 Photoshoot in traditional Volendam attire
fiets huren in volendam  Cycling maps and walking toursen
  Observation house ‘Sijtje Boes’ in Marken

Check out the day trip options:

Day trip 2

Woltjes Volendam
Including: sailing with the Volendam Marken Express, photograph in traditional costume and syrup waffles demonstration

Day trip 3

Woltjes Volendam
Including: sailing with the Volendam Marken Express, syrup waffles demonstration and clog factory demonstration

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