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Must See & Do Monnickendam

The historical harbor village of Monnickendam has had a fishing industry since the Middle Ages. Monnickendam already got its city rights in 1355. He who dares to call the cozy, fairy-tale-like Monnickendam, with its historical houses, canals, and old harbor, accidentally a village, can be sure of a history lesson. During this time, various ship builders and smokehouses were founded, of which some are still operational. When visiting Monnickendam, the following highlights are a must.

1. The Speeltoren of Monnickendam

When visiting Monnickendam, a visit to museum the Speeltoren is a must. Located in the center of the town, near the historical harbor, the Speeltoren houses the oldest still functioning carillon in the world. But there is more to see: learn everything about the history of the old villages, the reconstruction of the Waterland landscape, or discover Monnickdam as it was in earlier times.

2. A stroll in the harbor

Monnickendam is known for its many houses with gables, the nature reserve Hemmeland, and it is the home port of many ships of the Bruine Vloot, traditional sailing ships such as botters and cutters. Make a stroll in the harbor of Monnickendam, and enjoy all the nautical on display.

3. Grote or Sint-Nicolaaskerk

The Grote or Sint-Nicolaaskerk is the most important church of Monnickendam. The church has been a national monument since 1967. In the church, multiple important people from Monnickendam are buried, such as marine officers. Construction of the church already started in 1400. Visit the special Gothic building on the edge of the old center of the town.

4. De Waegh

Waegh is an old Dutch world for weigh house. There already was a Waegh building in Monnickendam in 1382. De Waegh as destroyed by a fire in 1666. The current Waegh dates from 1668, and was raised from the remnants of the old building. De Waegh was the economic center of the city, and had two functions: the Waegh building (inside) and the Beurs (outside under the awning). The building was used for weighing and trading of butter, cheese, and grains. The original scales are a nice detail from those days. The upper hall served as meeting space for the city council, which consisted of four mayors and various council members.

5. Sail on the Gouwzee and Markenmeer

The Volendam Marken Express takes you to and from Monnickendam. Sailing on the Gouwzee is a must when visiting Monnickendam. From the water, you have an amazing view of the authentic still life on the banks of the Gouwzee. Monnickendam completes the triangle with Volendam and Marken. So, if you want to experience a day of real Old Holland? Monnickdam must be included.

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