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Activities in Marken

6x fun activities in Marken

Activities in Marken, we put the 6 best for you in a list! The former island of Marken is probably less known among tourists than the nearby Volendam.There is nothing could be further from the truth.  Also in the idyllic Marken is plenty to do.

Welcome to the authentic peninsula Marken

When you arrive in Marken from the dike, you will immediately notice the characteristic green houses. The characteristic green houses are scattered throughout the island. In order to counteract the nuisance of possibe floods as much as possible, the inhabitants built the wooden houses on so-called ‘wharfs’. These are artificial hills of 2 to 3 meters high. Since the construction of the Afsluitdijk (in 1932), the danger of flooding has passed, but the wharfs are still there.

Our fun activities in Marken:

1. Visit Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes

The first activity in Marken we would like to share is a visit to the Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes. The Kijkhuisje is situated at the harbour in Marken. Sijtje Boes was a legendary souvenir seller in Marken in the 1920s. Her shop was decorated as a typical Marken house and she sold windmills, clogs and tulips. The souvenir shop quickly became a major tourist attraction. Today you can still visit the Kijkhuisje Sijtje Boes to see how Marker house used to be decorated.

View more information about Sijtje Boes.

Address Sijtje Boes: Havenbuurt 21, Marken

2. Walk through the different neighbourhoods

An active way to explore Marken is by taking a walk through the different neighbourhoods. Marken is a charming peninsula and you can taste it! Stroll through the different neighbourhoods, over the drawbridges, the narrow alleys and cosy neighbourhoods. Marken is divided into different hamlets, for example the Kets around the harbour and the church, the Minnebuurt to the north of the old village and the Moeniswerf in the northeastern part.

Hiking routes through Marken

The peninsula covers an area of 3.7 km2. Within a short period of time you can make a beautiful walk over the whole island. We advise you to start the walk at the parking lot. First of all you can walk in the direction of the harbour. Then you can continue the walk through the various hamlets and pass the authentic houses. When the dike comes in sight, you can walk to the famous lighthouse the ‘Paard van Marken’. All in all, this walk is about 4 to 5 kilometers long.

3. Boat trip Marken – Volendam

The harbour of Marken is the central point of the island. Around the harbour you will find several tourist shops and taverns with cosy terraces. From the sun-drenched terraces you have a wide view of the Gouwzee. During the day many boats moor; there is always something to see in the harbour.

Several times a day the boat from Volendam Marken Express departs from Marken to the port of Volendam. Combine your visit to Marken with a boat trip to nearby Volendam. Step aboard and enjoy a beautiful view over the Gouwzee and the Markermeer. Within 30 minutes you get off in the harbour of Volendam. Also in Volendam there is plenty to do and you can do many activities. Check out our tips for a fun day in Volendam.

Book your boat tickets for the boat trip Marken-Volendam online.

4. Visit the Marker Museum

An activity in Marken with a historical angle, is a visit to the Marker Museum. The Marker Museum is located in the harbour area and consists of six linked historic Marker houses. Part of the museum has retained the original layout of a 19th century house. Recognizable are the walls that are hung with plates and prints, the chip boxes in which parts of the traditional costume were kept, the open fire, the cistern, the bed box and the painted cupboards. In the museum you can follow an audiovisual presentation in which the history of Marken is told.

Address Marker Museum: Church neighbourhood 44-47, Marken

View more information about the Marker Museum.

5. Wooden Shoe Factory Marken

Always wondered how authentic clogs were made? Then visit the Clog Museum on Marken. Here you will find clogs in all shapes and sizes. The traditional wooden shoe maker shows you how wooden shoes are made from a block of wood. Old machines from the 1930s are used to make these wooden shoes. You can also take a look at the wooden shoe museum with all kinds of old or special wooden shoes.

Address Wooden Shoe Factory Marken: Kets 52, Marken

Take a look at the website of Wooden Shoe Factory.

6. Guided walking tour

For walking enthusiasts there is the possibility of a guided walking tour of Marken. During the walk you will walk along all the sights and visit the Marker Museum and an authentic Marker house.

A ticket for the guided walk through Marken is for sale at the ticket office of the Volendam Marken Express. The ticket can be bought until 15.00 hrs.

Address cash register: Havenbuurt 19, Marken.

7. Extra tip: Cycling to or through Marken

Bonus tip for a sporting activity in Marken. Book our Countryside Package and get on your bike. Bike through Marken, the surroundings or maybe to Volendam and Edam. The choice is yours! Our Countryside Package includes a few boat trips Volendam-Marken (or the other way around).

View more information about our Country Package.

Visit us in Marken!

Those were our tips for fun activities in Marken! Make your day out in Marken complete with one of our packages.

Book your boat tickets for the crossing between Marken & Volendam at Volendam Marken Express.

Sights & other must see’s

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Activities in Marken

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