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Welcome on board of the Volendam Marken Express

When visiting Volendam, the passage to the peninsula Marken is a must! Walking around in Marken is a real Dutch experience. The view from the water of the folklore Volendam cannot be described by words. It does not get any better than this according to us. That is exactly why we have been providing this boat experience for almost 100 years.

As a guest on the ships of the Volendam Marken Express, you will experience the island feeling from the moment you get on board. Enjoy the snacks and drinks in The Captains Bar during the passage, which takes around 30 minutes. Listen to stories of our crew or follow the audio tour (also in English!) to learn more about both old harbor villages. Whether you sit on on the lower or upper deck of our boat, you feel completely free when you sail on the waters of the Markermeer.

From Volendam to Marken

Volendam Marken Express takes you from the harbor of Volendam to the authentic peninsula Marken. There are several sights to visit at Marken. We listed the sights on this page. For example, you can visit the Klompenmuseum, the old Markerhouse and the Marker Museum. 

Hungry? Enjoy a traditional pancake or local meat or fish dish at restaurant Taverne de Visscher while enjoying the view on the Marken harbor. 

Have you seen everything in Marken? We sail you back to Volendam. At Volendam you can take a photo in traditional Volendam attire at Fotograaf Volendam, visit the cheese factory or a waffle demonstration at Woltjes Backerij on the dike. When you visit Volendam, a traditional Dutch fish is a must eat! There are plenty of fishmongers on the dike. Taste Dutch Herring or do you prefer deep fried fish? 

The Volendam Marken Express fleet sails between Volendam and Marken year-round, several times a day. Check our actual departure times.

Buy your tickets

You can buy tickets for the Volendam Marken Express on our website or at the harbor of Volendam or Marken. You can buy a single or return ticket. Do you want to take your bike or motor? No problem! You can also buy this ticket online or at our register desk. 

Complete packages

Also take a look at our packages for a complete and unique day out! We offer different packages, for example with a photo in traditional attire or ticket for the waffle demonstration. A return ticket is always included.