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The 3 nicest cheese farms in Volendam and surroundings

Cheese farms in Volendam

When you think of Volendam, you think of CHEESE! Are you a real cheese lover? Then visit one of these 3 authentic Dutch cheese farms in Volendam and surroundings. You will be amazed at what kind of cheeses are available. Ever heard of coconut cheese? You can taste and see it all at the 3 nicest cheese farms in Noord-Holland.

Are you looking for activities you can combine with your visit to one of the cheese farms in Volendam? Take a look at the arrangements page for fun outings for young and old!

1. Alida Hoeve cheese farm Volendam

Cheese farm Alida Hoeve is perhaps the most visited of all the cheese farms in Volendam. At Alida Hoeve you are surrounded with Volendam tradition. Start with a demonstration within the picturesque farm. You will learn all about one of the most famous cheesemakers in the world: mr. Henri Willig. This “cheese guru” has been making the most delicious organic and sustainable cheeses for years and has made sure his family farm to grow into a large international company. The cheeses are exported to no less than 35 countries and there are even Henri Willig cheese shops in Germany and Austria. The cheeses are not only popular abroad, as there are 11 Henri Willig cheese shops in Amsterdam alone. Taste Henri Willig’s exclusive cheeses at Alida Hoeve cheese farm in Volendam and discover what makes his cheeses so special.

Adjacent to cheese farm Alida Hoeve is Klompenmakerij “De Vriendschap” located. In the clog factory you can take a look at the clog collection. During the demonstration you will discover how the craft of making clogs is carried out in a contemporary way.

Adress Alida Hoeve: Zeddeweg 1, Volendam

2. Cheese farm Jacobs Hoeve Katwoude

Jacobs Hoeve is the cheese farm where mr. Henri Willig started his career as a cheesemaker 40 years ago. Here, too, you can visit the farm for a cheese making demonstration, given by a farmer’s wife in traditional costume! Also take a look in the shop where you will find an extensive assortment of unique cheeses.

What makes cheese farm Jacobs Hoeve so unique is that you can explore the organic farm on your own. Where you can find Henri Willig’s Jersey cows. The barn is not just a regular one, but has been specially built to make the cows as pleasant as possible and to stimulate their natural behaviour as much as possible. You will learn all this during the audio guide that you get when you visit this barn. Next to the farm there is a restaurant where you can enjoy a cheese board and nice matching wines.

Adress Jacobs Hoeve: Hoogedijk 8, Katwoude

Next to Jacobs farm and Alida farm there is a third Henri Willig cheese farm. This is located in Zaandam on the Zaanse Schans, about 25 minutes drive by car from Volendam.

3. Simone Hoeve cheese farm Volendam

On the border of Volendam and Katwoude you’ll find cheese farm Simone Hoeve. Simone Hoeve is an original cheese farm and clog factory in one and the perfect destination for an afternoon out. Do you already know the difference between mature cheese and ripened cheese? Discover the answer during the cheese making demonstration. Here you will learn everything about the ripening processes of different cheeses and where the different flavours come from. And of course you have to taste this too!

After tasting you can visit the clog factory, where they have taken clog making to a higher level. And you too can help, during the clog decoration workshop. Decorate a wooden shoe in your own style. A super nice souvenir for at home.

The demonstrations are free to attend. Also visit the restaurant where they serve more than just cheese.

Adress Simone Hoeve: Wagenweg 2, Katwoude

Combine your visit, go cycling!

Cheese farm Simone Hoeve is within cycling distance of Volendam. Make a real day out of your visit to the cheese farms in Volendam, with our Country side package. Our Country side package includes an e-fatebike (e-bike) and an one way boat ticket of Volendam Marken Express.

Volendam Marken Express has been connecting Volendam with the former island of Marken for almost one hundred years. Marken is an unique peninsula where there is much to see and do. Check here the sights and activities in Marken.

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