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Snack & Beer cruise

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The Snack & Beer Cruise package is Volendam’s most enjoyable outing for the real ‘Seaboards’ among us who like to have a drink. In that case, this package is perfect!

With our complete package, you can visit the harbour city Volendam. You can take one of our boats to Marken (30 min boat trip). On board you will get 2 beers per person (or wine, this is also okay!). Upon arrival in Marken you will visit the most cosy and oldest café in Marken; Taverne de Visscher. We serve you a 0.5l beer and a typical Dutch liqueur.

Departure times

In the winter months (mid-September to mid-March) the last departure from Marken to Volendam is at 17.15 pm. From mid-March to mid-September the last departure from Marken to Volendam is at 19.15 pm. Before your visit Volendam Marken Express, check the actual departure times.

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