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Real Dutch day trip package

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Looking for a real Dutch day trip? How about a day trip to the old Dutch cities of Volendam and Marken in Noord-Holland? Experience the atmosphere and hospitality of the harbor village of Volendam and experience the authentic ambiance on the nearby peninsula of Marken. Step aboard the Volendam Marken Express and sail from Volendam to Marken over the Gouwzee (about 30 minutes). In Volendam as well as on Marken you can explore many places of interest. Visit a nice waffle demonstration at Woltjes Bakery, located on the world famous dike. Of course you can also taste a Dutch waffle yourself! To capture the fun day trip, you can take a picture in Volendam traditional attire. We can’t make it more Dutch!

Some information about our Real Dutch package

You can determine the departure and return times & schedule of your Dutch day trip. Because of the possible crowds, we would like to suggest you how to spend your day in Volendam and Marken. For example, start your day out with a photo in traditional attire. Then take our boat to Marken. In Marken you can visit various places of sights. Relax with a nice lunch or brunch at restaurant Taverne de Visscher, located in the harbor of Marken. Then stroll around in Marken and take the boat back to Volendam. To complete your Dutch day trip you can visit the waffle demonstration at Woltjes Backerij. We will guarantee you a real Dutch day trip in Volendam and Marken!

You are obliged to provide a date of visit when purchasing your tickets, however, you are always welcome to visit us on a different day than the one you have filled in. Please note that your tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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