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Complete winter day “Old Harbors”

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Experience a real winter day ‘Old Harbours’ in Volendam and Marken, including all highlights and a unique cruise on the Gouwzee on one of the authentic, but comfortable ships of the Volendam Marken Express. The Dutch fishing villages of Volendam and Marken are world famous. And understandably: besides being musical, Volendam is also delightful and hospitable. At the peninsula Marken (about 30 minutes by boat), time seems to have stopped. You can enjoy your winter day with a great lunch and the real island feeling at restaurant Taverne de Visscher. Under the covered heated terrace you look over the IJsselmeer. An original photo in Volendam costume is, of course, a must visit on this day! With the Volendam Marken Express, you discover the Netherlands on the water.

Practical information about your winter day visit

You can determine the departure and return times and schedule of your winter day trip to Volendam. Because of the possible crowds, we would like to suggest you how to spend your day in Volendam and Marken. Please start your day out with a photo in traditional attire and then take our boat to Marken. In Marken you can visit various places of sights and relax with a nice lunch or brunch at restaurant Taverne de Visscher. Then stroll around Marken and take our boat back to Volendam. To complete your day trip, visit the waffle demonstration at Woltjes Backerij and enjoy a typical Dutch waffle. With our Complete Winterday “Old Harbors” package is a nice day trip in Holland guaranteed!

You are obliged to provide a date of visit when purchasing your tickets, however, you are always welcome to visit us on a different day than the one you have filled in. Please note that your tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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