Choose a complete care free arrangement

Do you want to enjoy the nostalgic character of Volendam and Marken, or you just want to do fun activities with your family of friends? Choose one of our arrangements for a fantastic trip in Old Holland (in the regions Amsterdam) and a complete day out.

Complete winter day “Old Harbors”

Experience a real winter day 'Old Harbours' in Volendam and Marken, including all highlights and a unique cruise on the Gouwzee on one of the authentic, but comfortable ships of the Volendam Marken Express. The ...

43,50 30,00

Complete day “Old Harbours”

Day-out Volendam-Marken, including all highlights and a unique cruise on the Gouwzee on one of the authentic, comfortable ships of the Volendam Marken Express. The fishing villages Volendam and Marken are...

47,50 37,50

Cruise and photo in traditional attire

When visiting Volendam and Marken, a photo in traditional attire is a must. Sail on the Gouwzee and visit both authentic harbors and villages. Take a photo in traditional attire in Volendam and enjoy a cup of...

28,50 22,00

Excursion with pancake – adults

Enjoy a delicious traditional pancake at Taverne de Visscher on Marken. Make the crossing from Volendam, visit the traditional sights and end your day with the most delicious pancake from Marken and...


Snack & Beer cruise

The Snack & Beer Cruise is Volendam's most enjoyable outing for the real 'Seaboards' among us who like to have a drink. In that case, this package is perfect! You visit Volendam and take one of our boats to Mark...

41,50 32,95

Family day out

A great day out with the entire family is not cheap. Especially for families we have the family arrangement (2 adults and 2 children under 16 years of age). Visit the world famous Volendam and scenic peninsula...

80,90 49,95

Wine & Dine cruise

Enjoying a fully catered day? Then the Wine & Dine Cruise is for you. From Volendam our boats take you to Marken, at a time of your choice. On board we serve a cup of coffee or tea with delicious fresh apple pie...

40,00 32,95

Volendam Experience

Make a great photo in original Volendam attire as a lasting memory. Sail to Marken to get a taste of the authentic atmosphere and then back to Volendam. Visit the great attraction at Experience Volendam to...

37,25 29,00

Day of culture

Spend a day of culture in Marken and Volendam with this package. Make the crossing from Volendam to Marken with our fleet. Explore the authentic peninsula and visit the Marken museum. Back in Volendam you...

28,00 19,95

Going Dutch

Enjoy an enjoyable waffle baking demonstrating and taste the real Dutch waffle at Woltje’s Bakery. Take a photo in traditional Volendam attire for a lasting memory. Sail over the Gouwzee to Marken and back to...

28,50 22,00

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