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Do you want to enjoy the nostalgic character of Volendam and Marken, or you just want to have a fun activity with your family of friends? Choose one of our packages for a fantastic trip in Old Holland (in the regions Amsterdam) and a complete day out!

Winterbeeld Volendam haven

Complete winter day “Old Harbors”

Experience a real winter day 'Old Harbours' in Volendam and Marken, including all highlights and a unique cruise on the Gouwzee on one of the authentic, but comfortable ships of the Volendam Marken Express. The ...

Traditional attire package

Traditional attire package

Looking for a nice day trip to the old Dutch villages of Volendam and Marken? Book our special 'traditional attire package'. In the cosy cities Volendam and Marken is enough to do! Sail with the Volendam Marken ...

28,50 22,00

Pancake package

Looking for a great day trip in the Netherlands? Plan a visit to the world famous hospitable Volendam! There is a lot to do in Volendam and the nearby peninsula of Marken. Make a boat trip from Volendam to Marke...


Snack & Beer cruise

The Snack & Beer Cruise is Volendam's most enjoyable outing for the real 'Seaboards' among us who like to have a drink. In that case, this package is perfect! You visit Volendam and take one of our boats to Mark...

41,50 32,95

Wine & Dine cruise

Incl. a two-way boat ticket Volendam – Marken, coffee and apple pie, meat or fish dish and consumption ticket....

40,00 32,95
Real dutch day trip package

Real Dutch day trip package

Looking for a real Dutch day trip? How about a day trip to the old Dutch cities of Volendam and Marken in Noord-Holland? Experience the atmosphere and hospitality of the harbor village of Volendam and experience...

28,50 22,00

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