Ferry service to Marker Wadden

Our ferry service to Marker Wadden

Welcome to the newest part of the Netherlands! Marker Wadden is a group of five spacious nature islands that bring new life to the Markermeer – located between Enkhuizen and Lelystad. The Marker Wadden is a project of Natuurmonumenten and Rijkswaterstaat and contributes to the nature rehabilitation of the Markermeer. Natuurmonumenten aims to create a large archipelago of 10,000 hectares of Marker Wadden.

Since September 2018 the harbour island of Marker Wadden is open for the public. Today the unique nature reserve is still under development. From June 2020 the island will accommodate an island pavilion with small-scale catering, an information room and sanitary facilities. 

What to do on Marker Wadden?

Marker Wadden is a nature paradise for various fish and birds. Visitors enjoy the peace and quiet of the outstretched island. Take a look at the new habitat of numerous plants, insects, fish and birds. Marker Wadden is a true nature paradise!

Relaxing or walking?

Relaxation is the key on Marker Wadden. As a visitor you can relax on the adjacent North Beach. It is possible to swim (at your own risk and only allowed at the beaches). It is about a 3 kilometer walk from the harbour to the North Beach. In addition, you can explore the island from the harbour with one of the walking and decking paths. The walking and decking paths have a total length of 12 kilometres. During your walk, make a stop at one of the three bird watching points. From the Cormorant, the Spooner and the Diving Duck you can spot many birds. Also take a look at the impressive watchtower. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars! 

Ferry service to Marker Wadden

The Marker Wadden Sea archipelago can only be reached by boat. From 3 April 2020 a ferry will sail from the Bataviahaven in Lelystad to Marker Wadden on several days a year. The boat trip takes about 45 minutes.

Volendam Marken Express sails on several days in September, November and December 2020 from the Bataviahaven in Lelystad to the Marker Wadden.

Take a look at the schedule of the ferry service Marker Wadden.

Book your boat tickets

Would you like to visit this unique part of the Netherlands soon? Then please book your ticket for the ferry now (including area contribution) via Natuurmonumenten.

As a contribution to the management and maintenance of Marker Wadden all visitors have to pay an area contribution.

Area contribution rates*

  • Members of Natuurmonumenten: € 4.20 per person per visit
  • Non-members of Natuurmonumenten: € 6,- per person per visit
  • Children from 4 to 12 years old: € 3,- per child per visit
  • “Oerrr children”, children of Natuurmonumenten members: € 2.10 per child per visit

*Subject to possible changes

Private boat trip

Would you like to sail with your own boat to Marker Wadden? That is possible! In the nature harbor there are mooring boxes and a stacking jetty. Click here for more information about visiting the Marker Wadden with your own boat. Mooring is possible for a day visit. There are different rates, based on the length of the ship. 

Don’t have your own boat? Rent a private motorboat (with captain) at Volendam Marken Express and sail to the Marker Wadden. Our boat has a maximum capacity of 12 persons. The first two hours we hire our boat for € 200,- (incl. captain) after that, the rental fee is € 50,- per half hour. Read more about renting our private boat.

Spending the night on the Marker Wadden

Four sustainable energy-neutral island houses will be constructed on the Harbour Island. These island houses are rented accommodation by Landal GreenParks. The construction of the island houses does not exceed 0.1% of the total area of the archipelago. In addition to the four island houses, a number of buildings will be placed for management and supervision. What is unique about this is that all the buildings will be completely self-sufficient. Everything is generated, pumped up and purified on site. Are you a real nature lover and do you want to stay in the middle of nature? Read more information about spending the night on the Marker Wadden.

Source images: Natuurmonumenten