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Work party in Volendam

Organizing an original work party in Volendam

Looking for an original location for your work party in Volendam? Rederij Volendam Marken Express will make sure your team has an amazing experience. Our typical old Dutch ships are the perfect place for a work do. The ships are fully equipped with everything a work party on the water needs. Of course we hope for nice weather, but as well with bad weather it will be an unique experience.

We sail you and your colleagues through Volendam, Edam and Monnickendam and towards the island Marken across the Gouwzee. This area of outstanding natural beauty offers the perfect location for a party on the water with live music and of course drinks and snacks. With the constantly changing view on the world famous old Dutch fisher’s towns, this event will be one for in the books.

A tailor-made company outing

Shipping company Volendam Marken Express has been sailing for almost a hundred years and has a lot of experience with organizing company outings and parties around Volendam. Our professional team will make sure that it will be a great experience that everyone will be talking about for years. Our team makes sure that they are familiar with your company identity and will put together a festive event, fully adjusted to your requests and budget. From live music to the catering we will arrange it.

On-board entertainment

It ain’t no party without music! And a work party in Volendam needs a Dutch folk singer. Of course we can arrange the best one! Would you rather like to arrange your own music? We can connect a DJ set on board, or we can put up a karaoke bar! Now the party can really start.

On-board catering

We offer different packages. On board we have our captain’s bar where we serve beer, wine and soft drinks. We can also arrange a package with spirits and or cocktails. In addition a buffet or snacks can be arranged on board. We work with a professional catering company who can prepare freshly made dishes or snacks. Besides, most of our ships are equipped with seats and tables that can be re-arranged and decorated nicely for the complete dinner experience.

Practical information about your work party in Volendam

Our fleet has four beautiful event boats.

The VD-1 a classical boat with a maximum capacity of 70 persons. With its classical wooden interior it’s the perfect place for an intimate event. Especially in the summer this boat is the place to be for a lovely day on the water.

Ms. Jan Smit the largest boat in our fleet. It has a maximum capacity of 250 people and it has three floors. The boat is accessible for wheelchairs. The perfect boat for a big company party.

Ms. Volendam the saloon boat is a ship that is also used as a ferry for the crossing between Volendam and Marken. She has enough space to throw a party and has a maximum capacity of 250 people. She is accessible for wheelchairs as well.

Ms. IJsselmeer is the fastest boat in our fleet. In this water taxi it is not possible to rearrange the interior, the chairs and tables have a fixed set up. But this lady is the perfect and most original means of transport. A nice way to get a breath of fresh air while being transported to your destination.

Our adress

Our fleet is located in the harbor of Volendam.
Adress: Haven 39 – 1131 EP Volendam.

You can also request another location for pick up.

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Are you interested in this unique work party in Volendam? Call us on: +31 (0)299 36 33 31 or send us an email on [email protected].

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