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9x Activities in Volendam

9x Fun activities in Volendam in a row

Looking for some activities in Volendam? This old Dutch fishing village is known for its rich culture and history.  Volendam is the perfect place to spend a nice day out. We have listed the 9 best activities in Volendam for you.

1. Cycling tour to Marken

When you think of Volendam, you think of clogs and cheese, but also of the extensive meadows and nature.  This part of North Holland is very suitable for a (long) bike ride. Cycle through the meadows, past several authentic villages and visit several farms. Our planned cycling tour will take you to picturesque Marken, where you can take our boat back to Volendam for a well-deserved long break.

2. Visit the port of Volendam

A day in Volendam should not miss a visit to the harbour.  You can walk along the boats, have an ice cream or eat fish on the dike. In the many restaurants on the dike, they serve delicious fresh fish dishes. In June, the new Dutch ones are caught and it’s time for a tasty herring and shredded onions!

3. Boat trip from Volendam to Marken

In the harbour of Volendam is our Volendam Marken Express fleet which sails several times a day to the peninsula of Marken.  During our 30-minute boat trip you sail from the port of Volendam to Marken. During the boat trip you can get a refreshing breath of fresh air on the upper deck, while listening to the audio guide that tells you all about the history of the villages. On board you can order drinks and various delicacies at the Captain’s bar. Once on the former island of Marken, there’s plenty to do. We have listed the local sights and children’s activities for you.

Book your tickets for the boat trip from Volendam to Marken.

4. Visit the Cheese factory

If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll be fine at Cheese Factory in Volendam. During this activity in Volendam you will learn everything about the origin of cheese and how this Dutch delicacy was made over the centuries. Cheese Factory, located on the famous dike, is a museum and cheese shop in one. In the factory you will find demonstrations and cheese tastings. Do you know how cheese was discovered? Or how many liters of milk is needed for 1 kg of cheese? You’ll learn it all during this fun activity!

Find out more about the Cheese Factory.

5. Photo in Volendam costume

Volendam is known for its old-Dutch fashion. The most characteristic of the Volendam costume is the hul: the lace cap that serves as a headgear. Also typical of Volendam are the chains of blood coral on which a small ship or other fishing items hangs. Some Volendam women still wear traditional costumes every day. Would you also like to experience what it is like to wear this beautiful costume? Then a photo in traditional Volendam costume should not be missing.

View more information about our Traditional Attire Package.

6. Woltje’s Backery

Our sixth tip is an instructive, but especially tasty activity in Volendam. If you’re crazy about syrup waffles, don’t miss this activity! At Woltje’s Backerij you can taste delicious waffles. There are also several daily demonstrations about the preparation of the waffles. In Woltjes Backerij is also a museum where you can see how the inhabitants of Volendam used to live.

7. Volendam Experience

Are you looking for an educational activity in Volendam with a lot of history? Then take a look at our Experience Volendam package. In the Volendam Experience museum you will learn everything about the history of Volendam. The museum owes its name to the 3D-Experience. With 3D glasses on you can see the history of Volendam.

Here you will find all information about our Volendam Experience package.

8. Clogs activity Volendam

When you think of Volendam, you think of clogs! Are you curious how this footwear is made? Then take a look at the Wooden Shoe Factory, located near the port of Volendam. During the demonstration you can see how the centuries-old craft is still practiced today. Did you know that clogs existed for different occasions? For example, there is a bridal clog that the groom used to give to his future bride when he got engaged. You’ll learn it all at the Wooden Shoe Factory!

9. Brewery Volendam

Did you know Volendam brews its own beer? The beers from Volendam are brewed according to traditional methods and contain only natural ingredients. Are you a beer lover and would you like to take a look behind the scenes in the brewery? Then take a look at the website of Bierbrouwerij Volendam.

These were our 9 nicest activities in Volendam! Are you looking for activities in Volendam for parent and child? Visit our kids activities page!

Check out our other tips for a fun day out in Volendam and Marken.

Activities in Volendam

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