Our History

Volendam Marken Express: our story

The Volendam Marken Express has been founded in 1889. Back in the days, the sailing botters of skipper Dirk de Waart sailed between Volendam and Marken. Travelers could end up in Marken from Amsterdam, by following a round trip with various vehicles from the Tweede Noordhollandsche Tramweg-Maatschappij. They chose between a steam streetcar and the botters of Dirk de Waart. At the beginning of the twentieth century, two steamboats were added, the ‘Koningin Emma’ and the ‘President Roosevelt’. 

In 1905, the round trip was professionalized by the Noord-Zuid-Hollandsche Stoomtramweg-Maatschappij, and renamed as Marken Express. This name was also given to the trams with special saloon carriages.


Direct connection between Amsterdam and Marken

In 1912, the first steamboat of the Tramwegmaatschappij sailed from the streetcar station, also coffeehouse, at Amsterdam Central Station. The direct connection between Amsterdam and Marken increased tourism in Marken and Volendam enormously. Skippers saw their opportunity, and offered various ferry services to Marken, which could only be reached by water until 1956.

After the war, various ferry services combined forces for the ferry service between Monnickendam and Marken under the name ‘De Combinatie’. Skippers Viskoper, Sta van Uiter, Hoff, Kes, de Groot, Schaap, Schaap, and Klein worked together to stay out of each other’s way.

There was also a ferry service from Volendam to Marken, which was founded in 1920. Kwakman, Veerman en Veerman (no relation) first had three separate ferry services, the united in a single ferry service in 1933: Rederij Veerman en Co.

Rederij Veerman and De Combinatie sailed for decades between the villages. Over the years, various partners entered and left the shipping companies. When the Noord-Zuid-Hollandsche Stoomtramweg-Maatschappij stopped exploiting the Marken Express, De Combinatie and Rederij Veerman en Co merged into one company, called Rederij Volendam Marken Express.



Today, the Volendam Marken Express sails between Volendam and Marken all year round. For almost 100 years, the Volendam Marken Express is ready to provide a great day in Volendam and Marken to our guests. The passage is a real experience. We offer guests the island feeling from the moment they board our ship. Get away from it all and enjoy the fresh air on the water. 

We love to welcome you on board, where the Volendam hospitality and Marken traditions merge to give you an unforgettable day.